Previous Projects

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Ceramic Particle Incorporation into Electrodeposited Film

Staff: Damla Eroglu

The Effect of Fe(III)/Fe(II) redox couple on nucleus density during Cu Electrodeposition Processes

Staff: Feng Qiao

10nm and Beyond Metallization Technologies-With Copper Electroless Deposition

Staff: Xiaoxuan Derek Sun

Kinetics and Open Circuit Potential Study on Porous Electrodes in a Ni/Fe Half-Cell

Staff: Ruixing Zhu

Electrochemical Reduction of Iron for Non-Photosynthetic Production of Biofuels from CO2

Staff: Roel D. Mercado, Qian Zhang, Sara Berlinger, Billy Guan

Investigating the Formation of Salt Films on Metal Electrodes in Secondary Batteries

Staff: Kevin Knehr

Towards an Inexpensive Test for Vitamin D Levels in Blood

Staff: Harun Ozbakir

Mathematical Modeling of a Sodium-metal Chloride Battery

Staff: Saeed Khaleghi Rahiman

Reel-to-Reel in-situ Laser Metal Oxide Removal Followed by Conventional Plating

Staff: Bob von Gutfeld


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